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Lentil Puffs - Honey Mustard بافس العدس - المستردة بالعسل

Lentil Puffs - Honey Mustard بافس العدس - المستردة بالعسل

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Protein puffs, baked with honey mustard flavor.

سناكس غنية بالبروتين، مخبوزة بطعم المستردة بالعسل.

Ingredients: Lentils, Rice Protein, Corn Semolina, Skimmed Milk, Salt Less Than 5%, Corn Starch, Whey, Non Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Natural Color E160, Honey Mustard Flavor.

Allergens: Contains gluten, dairy derivatives.



  • These super crunchy puffs are loaded with flavors. Our low-calorie, puffed crisp alternatives are the perfect guilt-free, savoury snack for toddlers, kids and adults. These flavorsome healthy snacks are ideal for those who are looking to make healthier choices with their diet.
  • OUR DELICIOUS LENTIL PUFFS are baked NOT fried, contain nothing artificial and are made from lentils! Our products are wheat free, non GMO, contain NO soy, NO nuts, NO MSG and NO palm-oil. A tasty, healthy alternative to traditional snacks! The perfect go-to snack for consumers who demand tasty snacks made with high-quality ingredients.