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Cappuccino Protein Bar - بروتين بار قهوة

Cappuccino Protein Bar - بروتين بار قهوة

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Protein bar is a snack that is rich with many natural healthy ingredients and helps in providing the body with the required energy with low calories in several flavors that suit everyone.

Coffee triggers the nervous system which directs the body to destroy fats and use it as a source of energy, helping the body to stay energized and active.

100% whey protein - ١٠٠٪ واي بروتين 

30% protein per bar - ٣٠٪ بروتين

Low calories - سعرات حرارية قليلة


Nutrition Facts


198 KCAL
Total Fats 6 g
Saturated Fats 2 g
Carbohydrates  16 g
Fibers 2 g
Protein 20 g
Sodium Less than 2400 mg