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About us

Lite Bite is proudly an Egyptian line of NUTRITIVE FOOD developed by a team of dedicated doctors who realized a need in the market for healthy food. We created the dream equation of healthy yet delicious products. Natural, no additives, and low in calories.

 Lite Bite will be Egypt’s Premium “Healthy Food” provider of specialty and value-added products. While doing so, we will constantly strive to ensure your taste and quality is always satisfied.


We have always held the belief that it is the people behind the process that make our products great. Our people have a passion for teamwork and innovation and most importantly for delivering quality products to all our customers.

Our management team has been drawn from diverse backgrounds, like nutrition, food technology, logistics management, investment banking, and marketing.

This enables us to understand, predict, and overcome many of the hurdles encountered when taking a product from an initial concept, through to successful release and then onto pertaining a premium position in the market.